Kuvars was founded in Istanbul in August 2020, with the gathering of experienced people who have worked at various levels in the fields of mining, construction and industry for many years. Keeping up with the changing business dynamics in recent years with its customer and solution-oriented vision, Kuvars aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the sectors it serves.

In today's business environment where the product-oriented approaches of the leading companies in the sector and small companies cannot meet all customer expectations Kuvars aims to fill this gap with its experienced staff, customer and employee oriented approach. Kuvars increases the productivity of its customers with its expert service staff who have completed their technical training and, offers the most suitable solutions for your needs with its sustainable and innovative product portfolio.

While many companies review their investments and shrink in the business environment where global economic problems are accelerating due to the pandemic, Kuvars Inc. is investing in this are because of the belief in Turkey and the industry.