Tamturbo, headquartered in Tampere Finland, was founded in 2010 based on the idea that the world needs a more environmentally friendly alternative to produce compressed air. Thanks to unique technological advances combined with ingenious engineering work have brought to life a range of oil-free air compressors that far surpass the legacy industrial air compressor technologies both in performance and significantly lower life-cycle cost. Providing reliable and completely oil-free air with Touch-Free ™ technology, Tamturbo compressors provide exactly what is needed - Just Air-Air Only.

Tamturbo's current and potential customers are the world's leading industrial companies that want to use oil-free compressed air without significant filtering and air cleaning costs in their production processes.

Tamturbo, which reaches its customers all over the world with its distributors and business partners, is an industrial clean technology company that provides cleaner and more energy efficient production processes with its oil-free compressed air solution that meets the requirements of the industry and ensures sustainable development.