Mincon’s rotary tricone bits are manufactured using premium quality steel and use Mincon’s own tungsten carbide inserts that have been developed to suit the toughest applications.

The Mincon range of rotary drill bits is designed and developed at its rotary bit manufacturing facility in Canada, where engineers continuously optimise the rotary bits using feedback from customers around the world.

The result is a rotary bit line-up that provides superior drilling capabilities in all rock formations and the toughest drilling conditions. Backed up by Mincon’s unparalleled service, customers can enjoy a lower total drilling cost at their mining and quarrying operations.

Key Features

  1. Unique bearing design with tighter tolerances for improved wear resistance
  2. Bearing journals with increased lubrication and reduced heat generation
  3. Arm design features wear buttons to reduce wear and prevent debris build-up in bearings
  4. Additional wear buttons on cones, where possible, to increase longevity
  5. Optional processes for cones to increase service life in abrasive use cases
  6. Optional Centre Flush feature to mitigate build-up of cuttings and reduce wear
  7. Shirttail gap design reduces wear on arms
  8. Double back row as standard on 9⅞” and larger bits